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Monthly Letter From Water’s Edge President Brian Earley

WE HOA Board Meeting September 2017

I hope everyone had a great summer!

We are still working on multiple projects to improve our property.

We have three building roofs being removed and shingled. We are trying some gutter guards on these building to prevent the problems we experience every spring and fall with leaves clogging our downspouts.

Throughout our village you may see signs like the one pictured below. This is a new program intended to recognize homeowners who have self funded the landscaping in thier yards. All requested landscaping must first be submitted through our Landscaping Request area for approval. Seth Inman, our landscaping partner, works directly with homeowners to create an area that reflects the ideas of the homeowner while using plants or trees that are deer and locally friendly. Many of you have worked with Seth and experienced his talent in creating beautiful spaces. Should you wish to submit a request to work with Seth, simply make a request using our “Landscaping Request” area of the Homeowners landing page. The signs you see in some of our yards are intended to identify landscaping that has been paid for by the homeowner, not the HOA, and remain in the yards for approximately 30 days. Thanks to so many of you who have added so much beauty to this community.

As a reminder, all pets are to be on a leash when they are outside on the property which is an Indiana restraint statute. Please pick up your dog waste as well.

I stated at the annual meeting that we would be evaluating our HOA dues this year since our general expenses are starting to exceed our capital improvement expenses. As you may remember, we have not increased our dues in over 8 years. We are evaluating all options including changing our HOA insurance from single entity to bare walls, increasing HOA dues and cutting back on our capital projects. We will be giving our residents plenty of notice prior to making any changes. Finally, we have received several parking complaints throughout the year. Please be a good neighbor and line up your vehicle with the concrete parking stop. Every owner is responsible for their guests as well as their renters. If you have any issue with someone taking multiple parking spaces, please contact security to communicate the problem and your reporting will be kept anonymous. Security will speak with the vehicle owner and request the vehicle be moved to utilize only one space.

Thank you all for a great summer, and thank you for your continued support of this Board.


Brian Earley

Posted by: Caroline Hottinger on January 25, 2019
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