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PSA Approves Hiring Cohoat & O’Neal/Sahm’s

To: Eagle Pointe Community Members

From: Betsy Larson, PSA president

Date: November 12, 2019

Re: PSA Approves hiring Cohoat and O’Neal/Sahm’s

With an overwhelming majority, the Pointe Service Association (PSA) board has voted to hire Cohoat & O’Neal Golf Course Management and Sahm’s Restaurant Group. The deal, which is not yet finalized, targets a start date for Cohoat and O’Neal to take over golf operations on December 1, 2019 and for Sahm’s to assume responsibility for the restaurant and catering business on April 1, 2020. Cohoat and O’Neal will manage the restaurant until April 1, 2020, during which time Ed Sahm will implement changes envisioned for the restaurant and catering business.

The PSA Executive Committee is working with Mutual of Omaha to secure funding that will sustain the organization until new revenue streams are identified and operational. All indications point to approval in the next week to ten days. If/when the financing comes through, we will notify you.

Tony VanNess, Matt Englert, Doc O’Neal and Ed Sahm will be working together in the interim to ensure a smooth transition. In the next few weeks, Tony and the Cohoat and O’Neal marketing team will launch their premium membership option for 2020 as well as a new membership program based on a concept developed by Chuck Thompson, called the Mulligan Marketing Concept. (To read more about how the Mulligan concept turned around the Legends Golf Club in Franklin, Indiana, click here.)

We also want the golf course and restaurant to be great places to work, and we are confident that Cohoat and O’Neal and Sahm’s will be great employers. They will hold staff to a high level of accountability, but make sure they feel like a part of a family. Ed Sahm has stated multiple times that he has had staff members on his teams well over twenty years because he values people and gives them the resources they need to be successful.

The community’s partnership with Cohoat and O’Neal and Sahm’s is extremely exciting. We have all been lured by big dreams and promises of grandeur with previous owners. But this is different. The PSA board is working with experts with a proven record of success. Our primary focus is on long-term financial viability for The Golf Resort at Eagle Pointe, and we plan to get there by making decisions based on fact, hard work and accountability.

The Executive Committee and the PSA board have reviewed and discussed budgets, projections, and agreements. We have talked to the LLC board and other golf management consultants. We have fact-checked, brainstormed and debated thoughtfully about the difficult challenges ahead and how to overcome them. We have asked you for input and suggestions, and we have communicated openly with you. With this in mind, please respect and honor — even embrace! — our future.

I hope you’ll join us in supporting the PSA board, the community and the staff in making The Golf Resort at Eagle Pointe a fabulous destination in our backyards!

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